Thursday, April 23, 2009

gemany! again! ha ha

So it seems the only time I blog on here is when I'm taking trips. and that usually involves going to Germany to see my sis. If you don't like it then don't read it! Anywho, I've worked really hard the past few months, booked my flight and I ready for a second trip :) This time I'm bringing one of my closest friends, Kathleen. Steph has promised to take us to paris which I am looking forward to! I don't care if the french are assholes I will love it regardless ha ha. anyway, I promise to take more pictures this time so be on the lookout. I will be leaving may 20th. Until next time!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So I haven't written on here in a while. I actually didn't realize I had this blog already until now ha ha. I've had it for school since february of last year. Anywho, nothing exciting has happened for me lately but I have been in Germany for the past 6 days! I haven't seen my sister in six months so i'm glad i have that time to spend with her. so far we've been to Amsterdam, Koln, Frankfurt and of course Wiesbaden where Jon and Steph live. It's beautiful here. I get to shop at places like H&M which we don't have back in Oklahoma! Go figure. I've also been catching up on my movies and lazy time. ahh lazy time. I have to head back in a few days (blegh) but I'm happy I had this experience. Alright that's about it for now. Write me!